What to do when Your Crush Doesn't Even Know Your Name ...

By Holly

Having unreciprocated feelings is painful enough, but it's even worse when your crush has no idea that you exist. Of course, it's easy to change that. All you have to do is be a little courageous to let him know you're alive. Here are a few simple things to do to make your crush notice you:

1 Be around Him as Much as Possible

This doesn't mean that you should stalk him. You don't want to scare him away by following him home or signing up for all the same classes as him. However, if you know he's in an extracurricular activity that you're interested in, you should join. If you know you share a common friend, see if she'll agree to hang out with both of you at the same time. That way, he'll get used to seeing your face and will finally realize you exist.

2 Walk up to Him and Say Hello

Sometimes, the simplest answer is the right one. You don't have to ask him out the first time you speak. You can just ask him his opinion on the food in the cafeteria or say something cliche about the weather. Sure, it's boring, but at least it will get you two talking.

3 Don't Be like Everybody else

If you see your crush hanging out with a group of girls who all dress a certain way, you might decide to dress that way to capture his attention. However, if you look like a clone of all the other girls in the world, he'll never notice you. But if you dress the way you like, a way that no one else dares to dress, then he'll definitely notice you. Uniqueness stands out.

4 Smile at Him when You Make Eye Contact

It doesn't matter if you've already worked up the courage to say hello to him or if you've never spoken before--you should smile! Think about it. You'll make eye contact with a stranger dozens of times per day. When they don't react to it, you won't remember them. But when a stranger smiles them, you won't forget their kindness. So smile at your crush the next time he looks your way!

5 Speak up in Classes He's in with You

If you have a class together, raise your hand more often when the teacher asks a question. If you work together, socialize with your coworkers more. That way, he'll actually hear your voice and will start to pay more attention to you. If you're quiet, it's easier for him to pass you by.

6 Throw a Party and Invite Him

If you work with your crush, throw a get together and invite everyone from the office. If he shows up, he'll have to say hello to the hostess, and then you two can get to know each other.

7 Add Him on Social Media Sites

Your crush might not know your name, but will recognize your face. In that case, you can add him on a social media site. He'll recognize you by your profile picture, and he can look at your name and information in order to learn more about you. It's a simple way to get his attention when you're too shy to approach him during the day.

If you test out all of these tips and your crush still doesn't seem interested, forget about him. You deserve someone who realizes just how awesome you are! What tips do you have for making a guy notice you exist?

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