What to do πŸ™„ when Your Ex πŸ’” Texts You πŸ“± ...

Your ex never texts you when you're missing them. Somehow, they always time it so their message comes through right when you're doing fine in life and aren't thinking about them at all. Of course, that text can change everything. But instead of letting it drive you mad, you should stay calm. Here are a few different options you have when your ex texts you:

1. Have a Normal Conversation with Him

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If you miss having him in your life, and want to be friends with him again, then you can try to have a normal conversation with him. Of course, that means you shouldn't get flirty. Otherwise, you'll cross a line. You shouldn't act jealous when he talks about his new girlfriend, either. If you sound like you're still bitter over the breakup, then you probably won't end up as friends.

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