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Kissing is so much more than a way to show affection. It can tell you a lot about a person, even if you're only on your first date. So the next time a man lays one on you, make sure to pay attention to a few key things. Here's all you can learn from a single kiss:

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If You Click

A kiss can let you know if you two are compatible. When your lips press together, do you wish the moment would hurry up and end, or do you wish you could spend the rest of your life in that position? Even if he's not the best kisser, you'll feel a strong connection if he's the one you're meant to be with.


If He's Pushy

Is he happy to land a smooch, or does he try to get more than you're willing to give? If he pushes you to do something that you're not comfortable with, you should kick him to the curb. You don't want to be with a man who can't appreciate what he has. If he continues to push you to sleep with him, even after you've made it clear you don't want to, then he's only interested in sex. You don't need a man like that.


If He's Confident

Did he go in for the kiss nervously, or did he grab you and lay one on you without a care in the world? His confidence level can clue you in to how frequently he kisses different women. If he makes it seem like something he does all the time, then you're just another girl on a long list of conquests. So if he's nervous, be flattered.


If He Listens

If you run your tongue over his lips, does he take the hint and open his mouth? If you try to slow things down, does he follow your pace, or is he oblivious to what you're doing? It's always good to be with a guy who listens to the cues your body gives him, so if you two are on the same page, it's a good sign.


If He Likes You

Obviously he likes you if he's kissing you, but try to see if he's just as into the kiss as you are. If he is, it's a great sign. However, if he has one eye open and keeps trying to pull away from you, it's not such a great sign. Just be aware of his reactions.


If He Takes Care of Himself

Are his lips chapped? Does his breath smell horrid? If so, he doesn't have the best hygiene. It could also be an indication that he doesn't care much about your opinion. If he did, he would've better prepared for your date.


If He's Appreciative

Does he pull away from the kiss smiling and happy that you allowed him to touch your precious lips? Or does he pull away, frustrated that he couldn't get to second base with you? The way he treats you moments after the kiss is important, so don't forget to pay attention to his body language. It can tell you all you need to know.

A kiss could be meaningless, or it could change your entire life. It all depends on the situation and the guy you're locking lips with. What else can you learn from a man by the way he kisses you?

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What a guy usually act normal and suddernly he gets crazy to see naked or wana kiss a girl, only if he is in mood...what should a girl do?

Our first kiss was amazing. Ive been with him nearly two years. Best kiss ive ever had

Love this!

My first kiss was really bad... Awkward lol yet I don't believe it determines everything, cause even though it was the best I've been with him for almost 8 years now and he was my first and only kiss :) .... And who knows maybe my only ! Time will tell haha

My first kiss was amazing.. Time just stopped and all I saw was him. And somehow just by that one moment on my trampoline, I knew that I found my other half.

If you're seeing a guy but he works all day and can only see you after 8 and you know you like him. He cuddles all night after sex. What are the signals that he likes you? When he's hard to read!

Thanks so much for this advice!!

Wow this article is amazing :) i never thought how much you can learn from a kiss :) thank you :)

Also if he is hygienic... It's really important...

Hah, I'm excited for my first kiss xD

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