What You Should Tell Your Man Based on His Zodiac Sign ...


What You Should Tell Your Man Based on His Zodiac Sign ...
What You Should Tell Your Man Based on His Zodiac Sign ...

Having the gift of the gab and being able to know exactly what to say at exactly the right time is a really important skill to have in all areas of life, and romance is definitely one of those areas! Sometimes all it takes is a single perfect sentence to have a guy in the palm of your hand, so if you want him to fall for you, or just remember how much he already does love you, then you need to know exactly what will set him off! Here is what you should tell your man based on his zodiac sign.

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He prides himself on his infectious energy, so he will love to hear from you that he inspires you to be a better person.



He is a traditional softie at heart, so the more romantic you can think, the more successful you will be. Anything sweet and affectionate is good for a Taurus.


For the Taurus man, whispering endearing words and showing your devotion with both actions and thoughtful gifts will pull on his heartstrings. A well-planned evening at his favorite restaurant or a cozy night in with a home-cooked meal can speak volumes of your affection. Remember, they appreciate the sensual side of romance too. Touches, hugs, and sincere compliments about his steadfast nature will reinforce your love and commitment, warming his earthy heart like the gentle spring sun.



He is a natural thrill seeker, so nothing will hit him harder than you leaning over in public and whispering in his ear what you want him to do to you later!



He is a guy that needs a lot of security and assurance, so telling him that you are always going to be there for him is what he craves the most.



His confidence is his biggest asset, so he will like to hear something along the lines of you being made to feel safe and secure thanks to his confident personality.



He is a complicated and layered kind of guy, and something that he will want to hear more than anything else is that you like him for his brains more than you like him for his looks.



He is someone who likes to be reassured all the time, so he will love you if you tell him that he is doing just fine, no matter what it is that you might be referring to!



He can often get very anxious about the speed of your relationship, so make sure that he is comfortable by telling him that you are happy to just as things are right now, that you’re not expecting anything grand to happen.



He is a real forward thinker, so he will absolutely love to hear how much you are excited to spend the future with him. The more plans you talk about, the happier he will be.



Let him know that you don’t mind the time that he spends away from you because Capricorns have a tendency to think that are doing the wrong thing all the time.


Acknowledge his dedication to his work and ambitions; your assurance can ease his guilt and bolster his confidence. Remind him that his hard work and persistence are some of the qualities that drew you to him. Let him know that his ambition is not just admirable but incredibly attractive. As a Capricorn man values stability and loyalty, reassure him of your unwavering support. Celebrate his successes with him and be his rock when he faces setbacks. Your understanding and patience go a long way in nurturing a secure and loving relationship.



All he wants to feel is accepted, so constant reminders that everything is awesome between the two of you, and that you wouldn’t change a thing, are ideal.



Pisces guys like to know that they have someone in their corner for when they are feeling low, so all you need to do is tell him that are going to be there for him, and he’ll be yours forever!

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