What 🤔 Your Zodiac Sign ♉️♊️♍️♒️ Thinks is the Most 💯 Uncomfortable 😣 Thing about Modern Dating 👫 ...


When it comes to dating, especially dating in this modern age, it might be fair to say that there are for more things that can go wrong than things that can go right! There are so many more different aspects and elements of dating in 2018, that the list of potential uncomfortable and awkward situations is pretty much endless! The key thing is to just keep on going though, because if you give up at the first sign of cringe, you might never find true love! Here is **what is the most uncomfortable thing about modern dating according to your zodiac sign. **

1. Aries

You hate that awkward space of time when you send out a text and then sit just waiting for a return. Even worse if its on Whatsapp and you can see if they have read the message, and whether or not they are taking a long time to write back!

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