When Love Endures ...

By Neecey

London based American photographer Lauren Fleishman was so inspired on finding letters written by her grandfather to her grandmother during World War II that she created a stunning series of photographs. Lauren's grandparents enjoyed a marriage of 59 and this kind of enduring love is what Lauren sought ought to capture in her picture series entitled, appropriately, The Lovers. I think she achieved it admirably. Let's see what you think...

Table of contents:

  1. love plays on
  2. love is evergreen
  3. love still blossoms
  4. kissing is always fun
  5. mirror, mirror on the wall, you're still the fairest of them all
  6. life's a beach
  7. bffs for ever, like ever, ever
  8. of course, i still love you
  9. through thick and thin
  10. save the last dance for me
  11. happily ever after
  12. the couple who cooks together stays together
  13. street style
  14. the twilight years
  15. life is a crazy ride

1 Love Plays on

2 Love is Evergreen

3 Love Still Blossoms

4 Kissing is Always Fun

5 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, You're Still the Fairest of Them All

6 Life's a Beach

7 BFFs for Ever, like Ever, Ever

8 Of Course, I Still Love You

9 Through Thick and Thin

10 Save the Last Dance for Me

11 Happily Ever after

12 The Couple Who Cooks Together Stays Together

13 Street Style

14 The Twilight Years

15 Life is a Crazy Ride

Learn more about Laura and see more of her fabulous photos at her website laurenfleishman.com

Buy the book at amazon.com

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