When Your Relationship is a Little Stale, Add Some Adventure ...

If your relationship is starting to feel like a pair of comfortable old slippers or your spark needs re-igniting, if the love is still there it’s not hard to rekindle those heady days of when you first got together and you basked in the glories of new found love. You could try something different and bring adventure to your relationship.

1. Do Just That

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It sounds obvious, but one of the best ways to add adventure to your relationship is to simply do just that! Whether it’s a last minute hike in the woods or a much more planned out backpacking holiday, there is nothing to put spice and spark back in to a relationship than getting out in to the great outdoors with each other for company and companionship. The problem solving nature of a travel adventure mixed with a healthy dose of spontaneity will rid your partnership of any staleness.

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