4 Reasons Why Faking Orgasms is Not Healthy for Your Relationship ...


4 Reasons Why Faking Orgasms is Not Healthy for Your Relationship ...
4 Reasons Why Faking Orgasms is Not Healthy for Your Relationship ...

There are several reasons why faking orgasms is unhealthy for your relationship. It’s not something anyone ever wants to do, but it’s a fact of life that at some point, you are going to fake an orgasm with your partner. It might be because you are tired, not in the mood, or simply not stimulated enough by the efforts of your boo. It’s a simple solution to a problem that would go and on if you don’t think you’re every going to reach climax! Once or twice every now and then out of necessity is one thing, but making a habit out of faking orgasms isn’t something that is recommended. Here are four strong reasons why faking orgasms is unhealthy for your relationship.

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Real Orgasms Become Harder to Achieve

One of the why faking orgasms is unhealthy for your relationship is you're just making it harder to get there. The more you fake it, the more your body will start to adjust the routine of experiencing mild pleasure and then tapering off. This, obviously, is a sure fire way to make you miserable in a sexual relationship, so even if it means having a few honest conversations with your partner, you really need to come together to figure out a way to improve your sex life. He shouldn’t just see his climax as a successful encounter, you should both be aware that you need to climax too.


Romantic Disconnect

When you find yourself having to go through the motions, more often than not, it can lead to a real romantic disconnect between you and your partner. Sure, there are plenty of loving couples who don’t necessarily have a sexual connection anymore, but whilst you are still making love regularly, you need to make sure that the spark of romance and chemistry is present. If you keep faking orgasms, it will start to become too robotic.


Trust Issues

If your partner finds out behind your back, through a mutual friend or a slip of the tongue, that you have been faking orgasms, it will put a massive dent in the trust between you. Rather than having him find out about his inability to make you climax from somebody else, it is so much better to have a heart to heart as a couple. This way, you can control the situation, and let him know that there is still all the love there, just that some work needs to be done on the physical side of things. Get him to see it as a fun new chance for experimentation.


Is He Faking It Too?

Did you know that up to 25 percent of men fake orgasms too? If both of you are struggling with reaching a climax during sex, then it is important not to suffer in silence. Be honest with one another and get it all out in the open. You would be amazed by how many couples are scared to rock the boat, and continue to have miserable sex lives unbeknownst to one another. Sex is too important to ruin with the fear of insult!

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