Why Men Leave ...

Men leave women for all sorts of reasons. Women are no different. However, there is a weird difference in each gender’s approach. Usually, women will tell you why, and very loudly at that! Men often just disappear without a trace. They leave. But why? “I just need to know what happened!” you scream and complain to friends, family, and even God. Worst of all, you plead to the culprit himself. Yeah, your ex-boyfriend.

Closure? As many of you have already learned, “not knowing” is worse than any nightmare! There are a million and one reasons guys leave. We can’t possibly list all of the reasons why they leave, but here are a few that can help you put to rest what might have gone wrong.

1. Too Many Options

If a guy is handsome, a super stud, an athlete, entertainer or even just plain successful, he probably has a lot of options when it comes to women. Even if he genuinely likes you, he may be faced with so many options he can’t focus on just one woman. Yeah, it’s the kid in a candy store type thing. Why have one sweet piece when you can have them all?

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