3. Low Self-worth

Having an extreme critical assessment of yourself can definitely lead to the choice of someone who does not treat you well. If you cannot respect yourself, your lover will not be able to do so either. It's only in believing in your own worth that you can receive love and respect from other people. Think about it for a second. If you don't have respect for your time, you might do way too much overtime. If you don't have respect for the way you look, you might tolerate insults.

If you have no respect for your efforts, you might endlessly accept unreasonable expectations from your boss and other people in your life.

The idea is simple. If you are truly lacking respect for yourself, it will manifest in a variety of ways in your life. In your romantic life, you just might choose someone who does not treat you well because of your unfortunate high tolerance of mistreatment, disrespect, and incivility, and a bad boy just might fit the bill.

If this blog entry resonated with you, please choose the theory that best applies and bring the idea to your next therapy session. Time to break those unhealthy patterns in love!

Hendrix, H. (2007). Getting the love you want: A guide for couples. New York: St Martin's Press.

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