5 Reasons Why 🤔 Women Pull Away 🔗 in Relationships 👫 ...


Men often wonder why women pull away in relationships. It was all going so well. Or so you thought. You had met her folks; she yours. You liked her friends, and ditto for her. You sent each loving texts throughout the day and spoke at least once a day. But something’s changed now and you can’t quite put your finger on it. All you know is: she’s pulling away. Here are some reasons why women pull away in relationships:

1. Maybe She’s Just Not That into You

Okay, this sounds harsh, but it’s no good burying your head in the sand and thinking everything’s going to be okay. People do fall out of love, suddenly and mysteriously. A friend of mine recently got a text from his girlfriend of five years while he was working abroad for four weeks that simply read: “I’ve fallen out of love with you. Please don’t contact me again. Good luck and best wishes.” He was flabbergasted and devastated. Sadly, he was the only person who had not noticed that she had been pulling away for some time. He had his head in the sand, and she had simply moved on emotionally.

Maybe She’s Having Trouble Committing


Thanks dolls 🙏
Same with me...it's been 7 years since I'm married n my hubby is still in touch with his only girlfriend who he loved unconditionally...I'm so unhappy n can't do anything else
I don't think contact with an ex is ever a good thing. I would be open and honest with your feelings and ask him to remove her. To me (and I mean my feelings) it wouldn't matter how much he "down played it".
My problem is that he's in contact with her... Should i be worried...?
I'm having a problem that my husband is in contact with his ex girlfiend on Whats app. He told me it's nothing, she just texted him that she's promoting her baking skills and try to sell her cakes etc.
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