Why You Shouldn't Play Hard to Get ...


Why You Shouldn't Play Hard to Get ...
Why You Shouldn't Play Hard to Get ...

There are so many problems with playing hard to get. You just don't want to even go there. Many people will tell you over and over that playing hard to get is important when you’re dating someone new. You don’t want to look like a desperate young girl waiting to be fallen in love with. So, you choose to play hard to get in order to show him that you are better than all those other girls out there. This just doesn't work. Below are 5 reasons why you shouldn't play hard to get.

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Attract the Wrong Guy

One of the biggest problems with playing hard to get is the kind of man you attract. The hard to get game doesn’t make a guy like you, it gets him to chase you. You become his competitor and his focus becomes showing you that he can win your heart instead of really falling in love with you. He’ll love the chase and not you. His ego takes the lead and he begins wanting to prove that he can be with you, rather than actually wanting to be with you.


He’ll Think You’re Not Available

When you wait to respond to his messages and pretend to be busy when you’re not, it only makes him believe that you are not available or ready for a commitment. If it becomes so difficult for him to schedule a date with you, then he’ll think that you have a boyfriend or are simply not interested in him.


You’ll Push Him Away

Men are actually more attracted to women who respond quickly. This is due to their belief that responsive women will always be there when they want them the most. So instead of playing hard to get and missing your chance with him, try to approach him and show that you care.


You’ll Be Easily Forgotten

Okay great, hard to get might work, but then what? Is there chemistry? He’ll prove that he won your heart, but then he’ll move on because there is nothing more to compete for. Instead, be authentic and leave a mark on his heart so that if he decided to move on, it’ll be hard to forget you.

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