Inspirational 🌈 Reasons Why πŸ€” You Shouldn't 🚫 Shut πŸšͺ Your Partner πŸ’‘ out ...

There are lots of reasons why you shouldn't shut your partner out. Sometimes we can have a bit of a meltdown about something, or feel down and depressed, but rather than accept help from one of the people who loves us most, we push them away. You may think it’s easier that way, but here are key reasons why you shouldn't shut your partner out.

1. Talking Helps

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It sounds like a clichΓ©, but talking can help. Discussing your problems or worries is better than keeping them buried internally until you feel ready to explode. That's one of the best reasons why you shouldn't shut your partner out.

2. He May Have a Solution

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He may have one, he may not. If he does though, how good would that be? At the very least a problem shared is a problem halved.

3. It’s Good to Get Perspective

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You may be worrying about something that you feel is major, when actually it can be easily dealt with. Sometimes we need someone to put our worries into perspective and your partner is the best person.

4. He Wants You to Help You

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He isn't going to judge you, or make you feel bad – most likely he feels bad when you feel bad and so he really just wants to help you. Don’t push someone away who wants to make you feel better.

5. He Loves You

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It’s as simple as that. He loves you, and he's there to support and care for you. Shutting the person who loves you most out won’t make your problems go away – if anything you’ll feel worse.

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