Why You Struggle 😩 Being Single ☝️ According to Your Zodiac Sign β™“οΈβ™‹οΈβ™ŒοΈβ™’οΈ ...


We all have that one friend who never seems to be single, who goes from one boyfriend straight to another because she clearly can’t bear the thought of being alone. If you are thinking right now and can’t come up with a friend who is like that, then it’s highly likely that YOU are that person in your immediate social circle! Not wanting to be single isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as you make improvements with each partner as you go. Here is why you struggle being single according to your own zodiac sign!

1. Aries

You like to think you are independent, but as soon as you are single, what you realize is that you actually like somebody to boss around!



Muni Almutawa
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