Why Your Love Standards Are so Low Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...


It’s a cruel twist of humanity when you think about it, but the fact is that the majority of us out there do ourselves an injustice when it comes to romance, and set our standards way, way too low! Because of this, millions of woman end up wasting time with no good guys when the real catches are still out there in the dating pond! This has to stop ladies! Here is why your love standards are so low based on your own zodiac sign.

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You have the repeated problem of always mistaking lust for love. You are attracted to lots of people, and don’t mind exploring that attraction further, but your issue is not being able to differentiate between something casual and something more meaningful.



Deep down you just really want to be loved, and when you get lonely or want to avoid having to be single, you trick yourself in to think that you are in love when really you are just settling.



Your issue is that deep down, you don’t really love yourself yet, as as RuPaul says at the end of every Drag Race episode, if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?



You get attached to somebody way too easily. Your heart makes a move long before you have even figured out if this person is right for you or not, and by the time you do figure it out, it’s already too late to avoid heartbreak.



You don’t necessarily like it about yourself, but you have a tendency to be superficial in the way that you choose your partners. You go for looks over personality, and that ends up getting you in trouble.



You are overly critical of yourself, which leads to you thinking that you deserve it whenever a partner treats you badly and doesn’t respect you.



You have having arguments, so to avoid any kind of confrontation, you never stand up for yourself in a relationship and end up getting controlled by your partner to avoid conflict.



You are too stubborn for your own good, which means that once you decide you like someone, you will ignore all of their bad qualities and red flags in just so you can attain them!



You are a very impatient person, so you don’t want to wait for love to find you, you sometimes make the wrong decisions in order to try to speed up the process.



You are very sensitive, which means that you bring any baggage from your past relationships, as well as family baggage, into each new romance. It never ends well.



You have a tendency to get too comfortable in a relationship, unwilling to end it even when you know things are going south fast. You enjoy the comfort of being able to say you have someone too much.



You are a natural people pleaser, so you will often so anything and everything to try to please a partner without actually considering whether the partner is the right person for you.

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