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A good relationship is everyone´s goal, but it´s harder than you might think. The early, heady days don´t last, and you have to work at turning it into a long-term, healthy relationship. So how do you do this? Assuming, of course, that this person is worth spending your time with, here are some great ways to build a healthy relationship …

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Have you ever felt as though you´re the one making all the effort in a relationship? That´s a sign that it´s going nowhere fast. A good relationship consists of both parties working together, both contributing, compromising and giving. It has to be a two-way street.


Nobody´s Perfect

One of the best ways to build a healthy relationship is to accept that nobody´s perfect – neither you nor your partner. Sometimes we expect too much of ourselves and the other person, but we´re all human, have flaws and make mistakes. It´s simply not possible to turn someone else into our ideal person.


Know Yourself

Having a good relationship starts with knowing yourself. How can you make it a healthy partnership if you don´t know what you want out of life and from a relationship? Do some self-examination, ask yourself what matters to you in a relationship, and be aware of the kind of person you are.



A good relationship always involves compromise. You can´t have everything your own way, and sooner or later issues will come up that affect both of you. Do both of you want children? What if you get a great job offer that means moving? Each partner needs to be prepared to do their fair share of compromising.



I´m often struck by how people today seem to expect instant results in relationships. Sadly, you can´t just download the perfect relationship; that doesn´t exist. It takes time and effort to build a good, realistic relationship, so it´s essential to take a long-term approach and recognise that it will be a gradual, and ever-evolving process.


Rough with the Smooth

As the wedding vows say – for richer, for poorer. In a good relationship, each partner sticks with the other when things get tough. That doesn´t mean putting up with bad treatment, but it does mean supporting them when they are ill, under pressure or going through difficulties. It´s a fact of life that there will be difficult times during a relationship.


Time Together, Time Apart

If you want to build a healthy relationship, then it´s essential to spend time apart doing different things. It´s really not helpful if you spend all your time together, as this can become too claustrophobic, and also be an indication of dependence. Make sure that you spend enough time together, but also each have your own interests.

All these ways to build a healthy relationship take time, effort and commitment to the other person. It doesn´t just happen by magic, and it´s an ongoing process. If you´ve chosen a good partner, though, then there is every potential for a good relationship with them. What do you consider is essential for a healthy relationship?

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I really agree with having your own interests, because it gives you more to talk about when you're together. :)

thanks for creating my relationship good , i love these tips

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