7 Wise Ways to Deal with a Persistent Ex ...


How to deal with an ex can be an issue that presents us with a lot of problems when that ex refuses to accept their changed status in your life. Even if they´re not actually reaching the level of being a stalker, it´s thoroughly annoying when they constantly call you or try to rekindle the relationship. So what can you do to deal with an ex who won´t let you go? Here are some helpful hints on how to handle a persistent ex …

1. Never Justify

If you are quite certain that the relationship is over, then make that clear to them. It´s okay to tell them why, but don´t, however, be forced into justifying your decision. If you let them manipulate you into a discussion, they´ll try to counter your reasons by coming up with an answer to ´solve´ the problems. So be firm and simply insist that it´s over

Cut Contact


I have and now the guy that I have started talking to has one....They are annoying as all get out and I wish I could just slap some sense into them both.
Alex Marsh's ex gf
Thanks. This is really good and so so true. i broke up with my boyfriend a year ago and then in November he saw me with some guy friends in town and then came up to me. I thought it wasn't very polite...
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