7 Wonderful Things to Add to Your Couples Summer Bucket List ...

Do you have a couples summer bucket list? If youโ€™re looking for a way to shake it up, or something new and fun to try out with your lover, then this couples summer bucket list is just for you! These old-school ideas will put a spark into your relationship and give you some fresh ideas and inspiration for neat things to try out with your sweetheart as the summer draws to an end.

1. Kiss on the Ferris Wheel

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The perfect addition to your couples summer bucket list is sharing a kiss on a Ferris Wheel! Itโ€™s a romantic and sweet gesture; I think Ferris Wheels just scream โ€œsummer loveโ€! I was 21 years old before I crossed this item off of my couples summer bucket list, so donโ€™t ever think youโ€™re too old for something as โ€œyoungโ€ as this.

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