4. Love Notes

Here is a simple, yet rewarding way to show your love to your husband. All you need is a pack of post-it's and a sharpie! Write a bunch of sweet little messages and stick them in random places for him to find. Some ideas include the bathroom mirror, TV remote, dresser drawers, the inside of his car, and the refrigerator. Just don't write anything too embarrassing just in case a friend, or one of your parents should happen to find one of the notes first!

Fashion Show


These actually never work when in need. My husband just wants to sit by himself and not be disturbed. That pleases him the most!!
Thank you so much
Heather Jensen
Me too! Thanks so much for the comment! :)
I LOVE the fashion show idea!! Thanks!
Vale Lacave
@Amrie, That's adorable :)
Aww Amrie, That's such a sweet idea! Love it =) Thanks for sharing!
Jordin Keim
That is an awesome idea! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing :)
To show my love, I learned how to play my husbands favorite video game while he was at work for a couple months then surprised him to a date where we played and ate his favorite snacks. He fell in lov...
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