7 Words to Avoid when You're Flirting ...


When you're crushing on a guy, you have to be careful with what you say to him. You don't want to utter the wrong words and end up scaring him off. While you shouldn't be second guessing every single thing you say to him, you should be aware of how you're coming across. That means that you should pay attention to what you're saying to him and avoid using the following words when trying to flirt:

1. Perfect

If you like a guy, go ahead and compliment him. He'll appreciate the gesture, as long as you don't come across as too intense. That means that you shouldn't tell him that he looks perfect or that he's the hottest guy you've ever seen. Keep things casual by giving him smaller compliments. They'll still mean a lot to him, but they won't end up terrifying him by showing him how crazy in love with him you are.



My now boyfriend and I used to use most of these words all the time while flirting. And now we are in a very loving relationship!
My mouths like a sailors!!! Gotta start curbing my F ing ang Jeffing then!!!!
Victoria Clark
Good tips! Very helpful.
When I get nervous I swear like a sailor ugh highly annoying
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