9 Worst Dating Tips You Should Definitely Ignore ...


What are the worst dating tips you’ve ever heard? For some reason, dating is an issue that everyone feels they should have an opinion on. Whether you’re happily single, dating or engaged, you’ll get advice from everyone from close friends to strangers. And not all of the advice is good…for every gem, there’s at least one complete clanger, too. Here’s the worst dating tips I’ve heard recently – can you beat them?!

1. Mr Right….or Not?

Would you settle for Mr Okay? While fairytales and love stories teach us that Mr Perfect is out there somewhere, it seems that not everyone believes you should wait for him. At the cinema with a close friend and my other half last week, one lady couldn’t resist scolding my friend for ruining my date, and telling her to settle for anything with a pulse. Errr…no. This has to be one of the worst dating tips ever?! Being single isn’t that bad, and the wrong man will cause so much stress and anxiety. Being realistic about what you class as essential is one thing, marrying someone you aren’t crazy for is completely another. Let Mr Okay go, and enjoy yourself until Mr Right finally finds you.

Chicken is Key…


Susan Jackson
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Amen sister! Such refreshing adice: just be yourself. : )
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