7 Worst Foods to Eat on a First Date ...


Knowing what the worst foods to eat on a first date are is so important! Choosing the wrong foods can lead to pretty awkward situations. Save yourself from potential embarrassment, and read these tips about the worst foods to eat on a first date. Better to be safe than sorry- especially on a first date. Score that second date by staying clear of the worst foods to eat on a first date!

1. Avoid Garlic!

Avoid Garlic!

Although this spice is very tasty, it is one of the worst foods to eat on a first date. Why? It’s a breath killer! You don’t want to have bad breath on your very first date. Not only is it bad for conversation, but what if he leans in for a goodnight kiss? Save him the stench and awkwardness, and avoid garlic on a first date.

Carbonated Drinks


I've done most of these things on a first date, save for the filet mignon, and it hasn't affected the outcome of the evening at all! Just don't be sloppy and keep mints with you!
No spaghetti tried that on a first date had sauce all over me luckily he was a close friend and we had hung out before so he was okay with it
You forgot anything that has onions
Really?! So what are u supposed to eat then?!?
These are all bull!!! Eat what you want!! The guy you're on a date with will be glad you're not living on Melba toast and tuna!
This should be a " food for thought" article
Some of this is ridiculous! Depending on the guy and your style, you can eat some usually messy foods but well mannered! And filet mignon is not expensive everywhere! Just be yourself people!!!
I would probably still eat veggies because I am used to them and they don't make me gassy... But another reason you may not wAnt to... The dreaded spinach/kale/broccoli in your teeth!
Priya Dosanjh
Lots of options left
Dorothy Zbornak
Tacos and spaghetti were on another list I read awhile back.
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