10 Worst Love Songs of All Time ...


There are best love songs and there are worst love songs of all time, do you know the difference? Don't worry, I know the difference and I've got the top 10 worst love songs of all time below! These are songs that we may have loved in the beginning, but they have become overplayed or they are just bad! So, take a trip with me and let's explore the top 10 worst love songs of all time!

1. Sometimes by Britney Spears


I really don't mind Britney Spears. Some of her music is good and she is making a come back. However, this song? It's horrible! Not only is it overplayed, but the entire song is really not worth listening to. This is definitely my number one for the top ten worst love songs of all time!

My Heart Will Go on by Celine Dion


Nataliah ChavΓ©z
Wth?! Most of these songs are amazing
Honestly by Hot Chelle Rae shouldn't be on this list! It's not a love song, it's more like a break-up song. He's talking about his crazy girlfriend, and that they broke up and he's glad he's finally single.
Heather Jensen
It is! I love the song, but it's not exactly a love song. :)
Maddie Donchez
What?? Honestly is a great song!!!!!
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thank you Emilie! :)
I totally disagree with you on song number 1, 2, 3 and 7! I love those songs! It's classic love songs, that people just have to love! But I agree with you on the rest! :-)
Heather Jensen
Hi Maghan! So true! That and the radio over-plays it. :)
Maghan Freeman
It's not a bad song,if YOU overplay it to yourself. To make it a bad song...common sense.
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thanks Anon for the comment! :) I know that it's one of the most popular songs, it's just a bit overplayed for me. Thanks for reading AWS though!!
My heart will go on is never overplayed well to me anyway because i connect with the lyrics so much, it has helped me get through the hardest times in love so yep i think it is powerful beautiful and ...
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