3. Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye

Now, I've seen this appear on some of the best songs to have sex to lists. But is irony really what you were shooting for when you brought that other person home?

I Touch Myself by Divinyls


I lost my virginity to American Idiot. Not the most romantic song in the book xD
@Lady S 😄😄😄😄
Tiffany Ambz Bradford
Haha 🙏
Lady S
What about Take You Down by Chris Brown? Or Bump n Grind by R Kelly? :) or again Neighbors Know My Name by Trey Songz... There are a lot.
So "every breath you take" isn't about a stalker. It was written for his daughter because he was out touring and didn't get to see her much. So it's saying he'll always be there watching over his little girl. Just a little fun fact.
nehoy nehoy
The rapper prodigy?
@douxriens HAHA
Jean-Simon Lavoie
Such great hight by Postal Service is Great
Heather Jensen
Yes! Very true!
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