5. Jealousy

A little bit of jealousy can be good for a relationship because it shows that the other person really cares about you. But I have a friend who can’t even go out without his girlfriend knowing where he is at all times. In one hour, he had 36 missed calls because his girlfriend was worried that he was hanging out with another girl. If you trust your boyfriend then you shouldn’t be jealous of other people trying to get with him.

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Amina Abdul
When my husband threatened to end our marriage i was so confused, restless and heartbroken. i did not know what to do. So i read an article about Love spells testimony of Mrs. Angela William of how sh...
Irene Kim
Right now repetiviness doesn't bother me knowing i have been out of job quite some time and looking for work its saves money. I have been with my man for three years and its amazing to know that we ca...
Ella Piecoup
Thank you!
Denise Cristobal
@Ella Piecoup Your suggestion has been noted. Also, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you. You might want to check out this post: http://love.allwomenstalk.com/things-to-remember-after-being-cheated-on. It doesn't deal with your type of cheating situation, but I hope the tips/reminders still help. *hugs*
Ella Piecoup
Could you make an article about how to deal with cheaters? I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and this older friend called me crying telling me how bad she felt that my ex cheated on me wit...
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