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Types of Relationships Whose Only Destination is Disaster ...

By Holly

The worst types of couples are the ones who are behaving in unhealthy ways, but don't care about it. They want to be in a relationship, so they'll look past all of the ridiculous things that they're putting up with. As long as they have someone to call their boy/girlfriend, they're happy. Here are some of the worst types of couples that you should never be a part of:

1 Too Much Texting

They text each other all the time, but they never talk on the phone or see each other in person. They don't even know the color of their partner's eyes, because they're always looking down at a screen. Sure, they'll occasionally send Snapchats to each other, but that's the only time that they'll see each other's face. This is one of the worst types of couples, because they only survive through technology.

2 Desperate and Dependent

This couple is unable to walk to the refrigerator without holding hands. They rely on each other for everything, and are unable to spend a day apart. If they're separated for an hour, they'll call each other to say how much they miss each other. They don't know how to be alone, so they never are.

3 Facebook Fiends

This couple is obsessed with letting others know how much they 'love' each other, even if their relationship is rocky. They'll upload dozens of pictures of them kissing, and post statuses about how much they love each other. They're determined to let the world know how crazy they are for each other. In fact, they'd rather have their Facebook friends know how much they love their partner than actually hang out with their partner.

4 Only Action

This couple loves to kiss, and will do it anywhere they please. They always have their hands on each other, and don't care who's around. Of course, when they're not kissing, they're left in silence, because they have nothing to talk about. Their entire relationship revolves around their make-out sessions.

5 Money Lovers

This couple is only together because one of them has money. Whenever they get into a fight, they're able to rekindle their 'love' after buying expensive gifts to keep the other person around. There's no genuine affection in the relationship, but money is all that matters, right?

6 Overly Lazy

This couple makes no sense, and they know it. They don't even want to be together, but they're both too lazy to break up with the other person. They've been in a relationship for so long that they're comfortable and don't know anything else, so they might as well stay miserable together.

7 On and off

Sometimes, you'll realize that you shouldn't have broken up with the love of your life, and there's nothing wrong with getting back together. However, this couple breaks up every other week. No matter how many fights they get into, and how upset they are, they'll always end up back together. There's no question about it.

Never settle for being in an unhealthy relationship just because you want to have a boyfriend. You don't need to be with someone in order to be happy. Do you know any couples that behave in the ways listed above? Do you think they'll actually last or are they doomed for disaster?

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