3. Facebook Fiends

This couple is obsessed with letting others know how much they 'love' each other, even if their relationship is rocky. They'll upload dozens of pictures of them kissing, and post statuses about how much they love each other. They're determined to let the world know how crazy they are for each other. In fact, they'd rather have their Facebook friends know how much they love their partner than actually hang out with their partner.

Only Action


My girl and I are kind of on and off, we never break up but argue and threaten one another a lot with it...
Some of these types are not bad. And I can see where people would get mad reading. But the author is saying that if these things are to the extreme. Like always texting and never hanging out, how does...
Couples who make out in public is gross. No one wants to see you two sucking each others faces.
I agree with this article I have seen examples of all of these and almost all of them have ended badly
And ur a basic bitch. Nothing different about you. Your just like all the other dick silly women desperate for love. Most of these relationships not even about the man its about the approval. You feel you aint shit of a guy isnt cosigning it. Which makes you basic.
The people who say this article is crap becuase they mad tgeir relationship falls into one or more of tue categories listed. The article is true even if the relationship lasts til death you still were...
believe it or not, this article is very true. makes the relationship go dull after a whole.
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