7 Worst Types of Relationships That Are Best Avoided ...


With all of the different relationships out there, do you know what relationships that are best avoided? Relationships are precious in most cases, but there are also relationships that are best avoided out there too. For example, you don't want to be in a relationship that is all take and no give, nor do you want to be in a relationship that is full of cheating or just too comfortable. Take a look at my list of relationships that you should never be in and see if your relationship happens to fall into it!

1. The Take, Take, Take Relationship

The very first relationships that are best avoided is the take, take, take relationship. This relationship is full of nothing but taking! Either your partner is constantly taking from you or you are constantly taking from your partner. It's a relationship that is not about giving at all, which is not good for anyone. This is a relationship that you need to get out of as soon as you can, otherwise you could lose yourself completely!

The on and off Again


I actually know an engaged couple that have an "open" relationship. I certainly don't believe in this. To each their own. But I don't understand the full concept on cheating on one another and have it...
Інна Коритан
Інна Коритан
I am single & happy!!!
Audrey Christine Renk
I am single and happy :)
I know ppl who are in on-and-off again relationships..they didn't last. I know a couple in a clingy relationship too..they don't ever do anything individually or have their own separate group of frien...
I have had some of these relationships. But luckily my current relationship does not fit any of these
Oh my I think I have been in all of them- some even overlapping!
Kendra LUvyn ka'MaRi Harrison
I've been iin the too much drama relatiionshiip n that iis by far the worst relatiionshiip u can b iin.
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