7 Worst Ways to Dump a Guy ...


7 Worst Ways to Dump a Guy ...
7 Worst Ways to Dump a Guy ...

Nearly every woman at some point in her life has thought of the worst ways to dump a guy. The breakup process is almost always awkward and uncomfortable no matter how you go about it. Some ways are, of course, better than others. You could always sit down face to face with your guy and be kind, yet honest, while telling him why you just can’t be with him anymore. But what are some of the worst ways to dump a guy?

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Changing Your Facebook Relationship Status

There is nothing wrong with changing your relationship status on Facebook AFTER your break up. That being said, it should never be used as a way to inform your boyfriend that you’re no longer together. Signing on to Facebook and seeing the update that his girlfriend’s status has gone from "in a relationship" to "single" has to be one of the worst ways to dump a guy.


Via Text Message

We use our cell phones for everything these days; they are rarely out of our reach. Texting is nice because you can do it in a crowded place without everyone around you hearing your conversation. Texting is easier than having a face to face conversation because you aren't directly confronted with the other person’s emotions. Because of this, sending a text may seem like the easiest way of telling the former man of your dreams that your relationship has become a nightmare, but ending it with a text message tells him that what you once shared means so little to you now that he isn't even worth a phone call.


Avoiding Him

My friend, who shall remain nameless, has a special technique for breaking up with men: avoidance. Avoiding someone is really not a great way to break up with them. It’s rude and confusing to the guy, and it will only cause problems for you in the long run. The guy has no idea why you've suddenly stopped returning his phone calls and texts or why you don’t answer the door anymore when he knocks. This ends up resulting in near stalker-like behavior with 20 calls every day, constant text messages proclaiming his love and asking if you’re mad at him and glimpses of his car driving past your house several times per week. It is really in your best interest, as well as his, to openly tell him the two of you are over.


Forcing Their Hand

It is hard to be the one to end a relationship, even when it has gotten bad. Knowing you’ll break the other person’s heart can be hard on your heart as well. It is important to be honest and end things when you know they are over. Do not force the other person’s hand by being as mean, moody and downright obnoxious as you can until they finally break up with you because they've had enough of your behavior. This leaves you looking far worse than if you had just come clean in the first place.


Through a Friend

Having your friend or his friend break up with him for you will leave both of you without the sense of closure you need to move on with your life. He will desperately try to get answers to all of his questions from said friend and you will be left with things (either good or bad) you wish you were able to say to him. It will also make things extremely awkward next time you happen to bump into each other. If you need to end things with your other half, it is best to do it yourself.


In Public

It may seem like breaking it off in a public place would make things easier on both of you. He will be less likely to cause a scene and you will be less likely to get visibly upset when you know there are other people around to see and hear you. In reality, breakups are emotional and regardless of how you feel beforehand, once you are deep into the process of letting your relationship go, you may not be able to stop the flood gates from opening, voices may be raised and you could end up with an audience hanging on your every word as you go through a very personal ordeal. It is best to keep this sort of thing confined to private places.



By far, the worst way to dump a guy is cheating on him. Many women who cheat try to justify it to themselves by saying they knew the relationship was over, they couldn't help falling for the other person or their needs weren't being met by their significant other. These are all great reasons to leave a relationship, but not to cheat. If you know what you currently have is over, you need to end it before you find yourself in a predicament with another man.

Now that you've seen my list of the worst ways to dump a guy, hopefully, you'll never use any of them! Have you used any of these methods to break up with someone? What do you think are some of the worst ways to dump a guy?

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After 4 years together, and two months waiting for her while she had to travel to her home country to take care of her "sick father". I had planned a surprise trip for her to turkey together when she had planned on coming back, and propose to her. The week before she was going to return I get a phone call from her now recently moved in boyfriend, that they have been living together since before she left, her father had never been sick and she never wanted to hear from me again. She just didn't want to explain anything or confront me about her feeling. That was a really hard phone call to take.

I know how people feel if the other does way number 1 because I was dumped this way... :(

My friend always does 5... Worst part I'm the friend who has to do it

I broke up with someone by avoiding them once... It was wrong and I knew it, but there was a lot of reasons that led to that, we were going away to different colleges anyway so I justified it that way. Still probably wasn't the best thing to do.

I did number 4, so that he'll look bad dumping me

Guys. How about the worst way to dump a girl: I had been in the hospital for two days, for reasons I don't feel like typing, and 2 hours before i got out, I got a lovely text from my boyfriend of 5 months saying "savannah, we're done" and the next day I went back to school and he was walking down the hall holding hangs with some bitch who looks like a man.

Lol I'm trying to break up with my boyfriend but I don't want to tell him. I'm not sure if I should just avoid him and he will finally get the message

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