You Don't Belong Together if You're Forcing These 7 Things ...


A lot of relationships get to the point where you both realize that you’re forcing a lot of things. Whether it’s realizing that you’re forcing time spent together or just forcing your attraction to one another, if you realize that you’re doing any of these things, it may be time to end your relationship.

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Spending Time Together

If any time spent together is forced, it’s probably time to end things. If you’re quickly realizing that hanging out is a chore, that you’re purposely making plans without your significant other, or you even find yourself making excuses, this is not a good relationship. Time spent apart is great and healthy, but if you’re purposely avoiding spending time together, you need to get out of this relationship.


Shared Interests

It’s not necessarily the end of the world if you don’t have the same interests, but if you once did and now suddenly you hate anything that’s even remotely related to your significant other, it’s time to end things. If you’re forcing your shared interests, it can be really challenging to maintain a healthy relationship.


Getting along with Each Other’s Families

I’m not saying that you necessarily need to be best friends with your significant other’s family, but if you really can’t stand their family, what is the point of being in the relationship long-term? If you see a future with this person, you should also be able to see a future with your significant other’s family.


You’re Forcing PDA

If you’re just a couple that doesn’t like PDA, that’s fine. However, you would be surprised that there are couples who didn’t mind PDA at the beginning of their relationship, but now they force PDA just to look as though their relationship is on solid ground. If you find yourself forcing PDA just to put on a happy face in front of others, your relationship is probably not on solid ground.


Forced Communication

Communication should come easy to a solid couple. If you find that it’s become a chore to even send a text and ask how they are, let alone maintain a conversation or have an open and honest discussion with your significant other, end things. It’s tough, but if your communication is forced, what’s the point of all of this?



Maybe you two look great together on paper, or maybe everyone wanted you two to start dating. Maybe you did start dating because you looked good on paper or because everyone really wanted you to, but when it comes down to it, you’re realizing that you’re forcing yourself to be attracted to your significant other. It’s a common issue, for example, if you were friends before, it can be hard to translate into something more when things had always been platonic. If you’re forcing attraction, get out of that relationship ASAP!


You’re Starting to Imagine Life without Them

If you’re forcing yourself to imagine a future with your significant other in it, it’s time to end things. If you imagine life without that person in your life and prefer that future (surprisingly, I know a bunch of people who have felt this way), just end it. It’s not worth keeping you both in an unhappy relationship.

When did you know it was time to end your forced relationship? Have you ever been in a relationship like this? Let me know in the comments!

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So true ... I'm going through this... It's getting so hard for me!

It's not as easy as your points , though I wish it would be.Once you have kids it's not anymore that easy to start new again.

I came back from a long trip and found myself no longer attracted to my bf after a year together . Relationship was great , so much stuff in common , never argued . But suddenly I could not see myself with him in that way , and I told him I'm not sure about how I feel anymore. And he wanted to know why , I tried not to say all the things that had started bothering me in fear of hurting him as that was more of a result of me not being in love and just getting annoyed by anything , the way he brushed his teeth . I was honest and asked for a break , after a wee not talking I didn't miss him , but we ended it in a friendly way . Prob hurt him more though as later he decided not to be friends anymore .

Tough times!

My man's family doesn't like me because of religious differences. But he and I love each other, and make it work anyway.

at present, 2 out of 7. :'(

It's hard to let go ...

I wish my husband would look at me the way I look at him. Many times it's just the silence that keeps our family together. Happiness and partnership and love is something so beautiful. I miss it that much since the last 11 years 😔. Just can't walk away

So hard not to talk to someone you talked to everyday :( but when we argued he'd cuss at me which I found disrespectful

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