You Look Cute when You're Angry Feisty Things Guys Love when Girls do ...


You Look Cute when You're Angry Feisty Things Guys Love when Girls do ...
You Look Cute when You're Angry Feisty Things Guys Love when Girls do ...

Don't be afraid to start a fight or to call someone out when they're wrong, because there are feisty things guys love when girls do. Maybe your crush likes the way you flail your arms when you're angry, or maybe he just likes seeing so much passion in such a beautiful girl. Either way, there are a bunch of feisty qualities that men want their girlfriends to have. Here are some of the most common ones that you may already possess:

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A Blunt Babe

Feisty girls love to tell it like it is. Since so many men are confused by women who say they're "fine" when they're not and make others guess what they're thinking, men appreciate a woman who will just be blunt. That way, he doesn't have to think for himself. He can just be told exactly what he did wrong and save himself the trouble of figuring it out on his own.


Feisty women have a certain charm that men can't resist. They're not afraid to be direct and honest, and they don't play games. Men appreciate this because they don't have to guess what a woman is thinking. It's refreshing for men to be told exactly what they did wrong instead of having to figure it out on their own. Additionally, when a woman is blunt, it shows that she is confident and sure of herself. It's a trait that men find attractive and it's a great way to keep a man on his toes. It's no wonder why so many men love a blunt babe.


A Lively Lady

While some men are turned off by high-energy, bubbly women, most men love them. Why? Because they always have something funny to say and won't let a conversation die down. When a man has nothing more to contribute to a convo, but wants to keep it going, he'll be happy to know that the woman he's talking to has much more input.


These vivacious spirits infuse color into the drab corners of social interaction. A lively lady radiates a certain joie de vivre that's contagious—her laughter can light up a room and her energy can turn even the most mundane activities into adventures. It's not just her words; it's the playfulness and spontaneity she brings to the table. For men drawn to this dynamism, such a woman is like a breath of fresh air, making every moment feel new and exciting. They're like human sparklers, whimsically dancing through life and igniting inspiration in those lucky enough to keep pace.


A Playful Princess

Feisty women tend to be playful, which is a quality that men love. Being playful is akin to being flirty, and every guy loves to tease his crush. So if you have a playful side to you, don't be afraid to show it to the men you meet. They'll all adore it.


Being playful digs into a deeper connection beyond mere words; it's an invitation to a light-hearted dance of wits and affections. It's not just about cracking jokes or being silly – it's about creating a bond that's exclusive to you two, in a room full of people. So, tickle his funny bone with that sparkling wit or challenge him to a spontaneous game of thumb war. It's these impromptu moments of fun and games that weave the memorable tales of attraction and carve a special place for you in his heart.


A Brainy Bombshell

If you're willing to pick a fight, you must be pretty confident that what you're saying is right. If you weren't intelligent, then you'd be used to losing arguments, and wouldn't try to start them as often. So if a woman is feisty, chances are that she's pretty knowledgable about the world. And despite what you learned from Mean Girls, men actually love intelligent women.


An Ambitious Individual

Ambitiousness and feistiness can go hand in hand. If a man sees that you're ambitious, then he's going to have trouble keeping his hands off of you. There's nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants--except, of course, for a woman who has a high paying job and knows how to handle herself, which are all results of ambition.


Ambition stokes a fire within you that is downright irresistible. It shows strength, determination, and the thrilling ability to chase dreams – qualities that many men find immensely attractive. Your thirst for success and growth not only fuels your journey but also inspires those around you, including potential partners. Imagine pairing your unstoppable drive with an equally motivated man; together, you'd be unstoppable. A couple that sets goals and smashes them? Now that is a picture-perfect power duo that can set the world ablaze with their passion and achievements. So, keep climbing that ladder, because your zeal is the ultimate allure.


A Persistent Soul

Feisty women won't stop until they're ready to stop. If someone tells them that they're wrong, they'll fight tooth and nail to win the argument. While men don't particularly like confrontation, they do love women who are persistent, because it means they won't give up on a relationship easily.


A Confident Chick

Feisty women are self-assured. They have no problem stating their opinions, because they're confident enough to be themselves around anyone they run into. You've heard time and time again that confidence is the sexiest quality a woman can have, and it's the truth, so don't be afraid to flaunt it.

If you possess any of these traits, don't be embarrassed by them. They're actually positive characteristics that most men would love for their girlfriends to have. Do you consider yourself a feisty woman or do you keep to yourself most of the time?

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None of this crap.

Why do men like BOSSY women?

Sometimes women can take themselves too seriously. relax chillax and enjoy male company

I like number 6! I had a massive argument with my bloke because he read my messages on my phone and was making accusations! I was not backing down at all! I proved yesterday i was not lying! Hes no longer speaking to me and just ignored me and blocked me on Facebook so maybe he dont like feisty girls lol x

Men do love bitches!

I like this article. So many people have told me that they wish they were more like me because I stand up for people, and now I know that guys like it to. Great article!

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