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Your Looks Don't Matter if You Have These 17 Attractive Traits ...

By Holly

Your looks aren't the only thing that influence the way others see you. Your personality plays a huge roll, as well. That's why your looks don't matter if you have these attractive traits:

1 Honest

Honest No one wants to wonder if their partner is telling the truth. That's why honesty is so attractive. It reassures him that he's dealing with the real you, and not some fraud.

2 Friendly

Friendly Men want you to become close with their friends and family. If you're friendly, then there won't be any reason for them to disapprove of you. That's why a friendly woman is an attractive woman.

3 Faithful

Faithful Most men will leave you if you cheat on them. That's why loyalty is one of the most attractive traits that a woman could have.

4 Optimistic

Optimistic It's easy to be negative. Meanwhile, it's hard to be positive, which is why optimism is such an attractive quality.

5 Mature

Mature Immaturity is a major turn-off. No one wants to date a child. They want to date a responsible, adult woman.

6 Confident

Confident If you walk around the room with your shoulders hunched, you won't look your best. But if you stand tall and act like you're hot stuff, everyone will start to believe that you're hot stuff.

Gabriela fake it till you make it gals!!...

7 Hygienic

Hygienic A shower can go a long way. If your hair is clean and nails are trimmed, then men are going to find you way more attractive than a model who stinks.

8 Funny

Funny We're not the only ones who value comedy. A woman who can make him laugh is the best type of woman there is.

9 Generous

He doesn't want to be in a relationship with someone selfish. He wants someone who will stick their neck out for him. That's why generosity is actually sexy.

10 Active

Active It's no secret that men like women who take care of themselves. If you eat right and exercise, he'll find you incredibly attractive.

11 Motivated

Motivated Despite what you may believe, most men want a woman with a job. It's attractive to see someone with a high position and a big paycheck.

12 Punctual

Punctual Men hate to be let down. If you bail on a date, he won't be happy, but if you show up on time, he'll subconsciously find you more attractive.

13 Passionate

Passionate Men love hot sex and hot kisses. That's why they all want to land a passionate woman.

14 Respectful

Respectful Men don't want to be talked down to anymore than you do. That's why he'll find you attractive if you treat him like an equal.

15 Sentimental

Sentimental Men act like they can't stand mushiness, but they love it as much as we do. If you give him a sentimental gift, then he's going to love you for it.

16 Sincere

hair, person, beauty, hairstyle, mouth, Men don't like liars. They want to be with a woman who is sincere. If you pretend to be someone you're not, it's a turnoff. But if you're always yourself, he'll love you for it.

17 Level Headed

Level Headed You shouldn't freak out every single time a nail chips or a friend sends you an insulting text. If you keep your cool, even in difficult situations, you'll impress any man.

You don't have to look perfect in order to be considered sexy. Which one of these traits are you the most proud of?

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