Your Perfect Kiss According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

Your Perfect Kiss According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

I think that one of the best parts of being intimate with someone is kissing. It can sometimes be overlooked and undervalued when we are all consenting adults who want to get down to some more freaky business, but the effect that an amazing kiss can have on you is just as good as any second, third or fourth base activity in my opinion! The best part is that there are so many different types of kisses to enjoy. Here is your perfect kiss according to your zodiac sign!

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You enjoy the simple things in life, so for you, a classic single lip kiss is as good as it gets.



You like the universal nature of kissing, both romantic and platonic, and the kind of kiss that bridges that gap perfectly is the good old-fashioned kiss on the cheek.



You like to feel like you are being protected by your partner, and there is something really reassuring and safe feeling about a kiss on the forehead.



You like to think of yourself as a princess that deserves the very best in life, and nothing says princes quite like a kiss on the hand!



You like to be so intimate that your kissing goes beyond the traditional lip to lip action. You actually like to do a few Eskimo kisses every now and then to mix things up!

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For you, it has to be hot and heavy or there is no point in doing it, so nothing more than a great French kiss will do for you!



You love nothing more than making a scene, so trying out the legendary Spider-Man kiss from the 2002 movie is right up your street!



You like to think outside the box, so why not try out some butterfly kisses with someone you like? They involve getting really close to each other and fluttering your eyelashes quickly together so they touch in a cute way!



Deep down, you know that you are posher than most people, and that is evidenced by the fact that your go-to greeting is a grand mwah mwah air kiss!



You have a vivid imagination and like to indulge in the more quirky acts of intimacy, so blowing and catching kisses is one of your favourite things!



Let’s be real, if the choice if a smooch or a snack, you’re going chocolate every time. A Hershey’s Kiss is your favourite kind of kiss!



You like to get wild with it, and can’t resist throwing in a sexy lip bite whenever you are locking lips with somebody!

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