Your Zodiac Sign's Biggest Turn on ...


Your Zodiac Sign's Biggest Turn on ...
Your Zodiac Sign's Biggest Turn on ...

On the outside, we all like to portray ourselves as prim and proper, upstanding members of society, but when it comes to the antics of the bedroom, we all have it in us to get down and dirty with the best of them! One of the most interesting things about human sexuality is that it can be so different in different people. What might turn you on the most could be absolutely disgusting to someone else, and vice versa! Have you ever thought, though, that your personal kinks might be determined by astrology? Here is your biggest sexual turn on according to your personal zodiac sign!

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Spontaneity is your middle name, so your biggest turn is the thought of being surprised by your boo in public, and getting down and dirty in a place where you shouldn’t!


Aries thrives on adrenaline, and nothing quite beats the rush of an impromptu romantic escapade. You adore the thrill of sneaking around, where the mere possibility of getting caught adds an extra layer of excitement. Your ideal partner knows how to keep you on your toes, with spontaneous gestures that ignite your fiery passion. Unpredictability is the spice of life for an Aries in love, and a partner who can match your zest for surprise moments will undoubtedly keep the flame burning bright.



Neck kisses are your biggest turn on. There is something about the sensitivity of your skin and the intimacy of the placement that drives you absolutely wild.



You are turned on by all of the little actions that happen before the ‘big event’. Things like hand holding, kissing, and a little footsie under the table.


Geminis find intellectual stimulation irresistible. A flirty text, a witty exchange of banter or a mind-engaging conversation can increase your heart rate more than a physical touch. Curiosity and mental connection are key for you, as you thrive on understanding someone’s mind before exploring their body. A partner who is also an excellent communicator, someone who can challenge you intellectually and playfully spar in conversations, will have you swooning. Your desire for variety means you're often captivated by new and interesting information, which serves as the ultimate foreplay for your ever-curious soul.



Basically, you just like to be touched! You don’t care whether he’s stroking your arm or being more handsy in an intimate way, the feeling of his hands on you is the thing that gets you going!



Your biggest turn on is the entire event that proceeds a night of passion. You get worked up by the thought of being taken out and wined and dined, then back to his for a nightcap and some soft music before things get heavy!


When it comes to seduction, Leo, you're all about the grand gestures and the spotlight. The anticipation of a romantic evening is just as thrilling for you as the main event. You find it irresistible when your partner puts effort into making you feel like the center of the universe. It's not just about flattery; you yearn for a deep connection that is acknowledged through thoughtful actions and a bit of luxury. When someone makes you feel special and adored, that's when your heart truly races and your desires soar to new heights.



You are a perfectionist in all areas of life, which leads in to your biggest turn on being the prospect of being the dominant partner in your duo. You like to make all the decisions in the bedroom!



You are a true foodie, and in the bedroom is no exception! Any chance you get, you like to bring food into your sexy times; anything from chocolate to whipped cream to strawberries and beyond!


Your sensual nature pairs perfectly with a love for all the pleasures that life has to offer, Libra. Whether it's a luxurious meal or a decadent dessert, you're all about setting the mood with the perfect ambiance and tantalizing flavors. Introducing edibles to your intimate escapades is just another way for you to achieve balance, ensuring both taste buds and other senses are equally delighted. It's the sophistication of the experience that matters, and with your refined tastes, you know exactly which treats will turn the heat up a notch.



You get turned on by the thought of games. Any kind of sex game that your partner wants to play, you are all for it. Strip poker, role play ... you name it!



The art of flirting is what turns you on. You get a real kick out of playing the cat and mouse game with a guy, the thrill of the chase!



Anticipation is what really gets you going! You can sometimes be more turned on by the in-between moments of your romance than the actual physical activity! You really work yourself up!



Sexting is your big thing. You like to be able to compose a sexy message that you know is going to bring your man to his knees! And of course, a naughty pic here and there never hurt anybody!



Don’t be shy about it, we all know that Pisces’ biggest turn on is feet! Hey, it might not be for everyone, but you do you, girl!

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