2. Someone Who Likes You for More than Sex

Someone Who Likes You for More than Sex

You aren't a sex object, so you shouldn't be treated like one. You need to find someone who likes your personality, and not just your body.

Someone Who Doesn’t Go MIA


Yep! I think its evryones right
That's how love was back then, nowadays it's really turn in a different path. really great article !
Not sure !
Camille Rimaz
Love can't be equal! Never... When a couple love each other, there's always one whose love is a bit less or a bit much..
But nowadays seems so hard to find those qualities en men. Evetything is so disposable! :( dont know up to what point we have to let pass some of them. :(
Lol r u kidding me? These are obvious basic qualities that needs to be mutual in a relationship to even be possible in the first place
I just don't agree with #7. Not forgetting a special date and buying presents are two different things. And part of being understanding of one another implies in knowing that gifts, even small ones, a...
Not *
Its picky at all ur partner has to have this qualities , great article
Kylee Thompson
This was such a sweet article!
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