Silly Questions 😜 to Ask Your Significant Other πŸ’ Just for Fun πŸ€— ...


Part of any good relationship is being able to have fun with one another.

You can do the obvious things like go to the movies, out to eat or play Frisbee in the park with friends.

However, if you want to stay in and still get silly, asking each other questions is the way to go.

Not only will you learn fun new things about each other, but you’ll further build the bond you’ve created.

Here are some great ones to get you both started.

Have fun!

1. What Foods Can’t You Eat Because You Puked Them?

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For the longest time, this was eggs for me.

I still can’t eat candy canes after getting sick in junior high and throwing one up.

Not only will this get both of you laughing, but it gives you a great opportunity to share stories from before you were together or that you may not already know about each other.


2. If You Could Punch One Person, without Consequences, Who Would It Be?

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Just the question itself is making you laugh, isn’t it?2

We all have that one person that we have to refrain from socking in the throat, right?

Or maybe it’s someone you’ve never met, but who is on television or the radio.

You’ll both be laughing really hard when you answer this question for each other.

3. What Was Your Worst Childhood Injury?

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As well all know, the worst injuries usually happen when you’re doing something fun.

Chances are you don’t know what each other’s worst injury was as a kid so this question is another opportunity to learn something new about the one you love, while also getting to laugh over the silly antics of your childhood.2

My worst was probably the time I slid down the side of a mountain at Girl Scout camp and tore all the skin off my shins.


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