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10 Silly E-Cards to Send Your Special Someone to Make Them Laugh ...

By Holly

Your boyfriend already knows how you feel, but you should still remind him that you love him as often as you can. Make it clear that your feelings haven't changed. To help, here are a few silly messages for that special someone from Imgur:

1 Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

Hot Chocolate and MarshmallowsThere's no better line to initiate sex.

2 Toothbrush

ToothbrushYou love him enough to be honest with him.


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3 Winning the Lottery

Winning the LotteryHey, if he's cute and sweet, you can't expect him to be rich, too.

4 Nauseating to Others

Nauseating to OthersThis is the best compliment of all.

5 Sick of You

Sick of YouMost couples get tired of each other pretty quickly.

6 Parking Lot Snow

Parking Lot SnowIt just doesn't go away.

7 Life, Last Name, and Bathroom

Life, Last Name, and BathroomAfter all, sharing a bathroom is one of the most difficult things you two will ever do.

8 Love Sleep

Bombay Duck, text, font, cartoon, product,It's always great seeing you can still sleep, but finding someone who makes you feel that happy when awake? Priceless.

9 What's for Dinner?

text, cartoon, font, brand, illustration,Oh the dreaded, "What do you want to eat?" argument! Just pick a place and be happy, save the argument for another day.

10 Lasting Relationship

text, cartoon, font, conversation, brand,Poor T-Swift, can't keep a man or a man can't keep her!? At any rate, hopefully your relationship withstands time unlike Taylor's.

Are you going to give your boyfriend any of these silly cards?

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