18 Beautiful First Love Quotes That Will Make You Feel Warm inside ...


First love quotes always make me think about the magic of first love!

The butterflies in your tummy, the beating of your heart every time you see him, the sweet sweet kisses and the feeling that the magic will never fade away.

In fact, your first love is so powerful that you will never truly forget it.

Whether you've been there and know exactly what I'm talking about or you're experiencing those intense emotions right now (you lucky girl!), here are some beautiful first love quotes that will make you feel warm inside!2

1. Lessons in Love


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I don't know about you ladies, but I remember thinking "Woah, so THIS is what love feels like!" back when I first fell into its sweet clutches.

It was like an epiphany and this first love quote sums it up perfectly!

2. When You Just Know


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Isn't it truly amazing when you feel that kind of connection with someone?

3. It Never Does

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I couldn't agree more with this quote about first love.2

The funny thing is even if things don't quite work out they way you want them to and you get your heart broken, you still want to give love another chance just because it's such an amazing feeling!

4. And Just like That....


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It's true what they say about love.

It hits you when you least expect it and then there's no turning back and it's even more powerful when it happens for the first time.

5. K is for Kissing Frogs

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I don't even want to count the number of idiots I've had to encounter before finally finding my first love.2

And it's true, as much as you'd love to move on (if it doesn't work out), you'll always find a way to compare every other guy to him.

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