8 Fears People Have about Being Intimate ...


One of the many reasons I find people do not put themselves out there is simply based on their fear about intimacy. Many women spend countless hours spending too much time in their head thinking about how they are not enough. Whether that falls into not pretty, smart, talented, or experienced enough, the amount of energy we put into that negative mind set could just as easily be switched to a positive. You are not the only person who thinks like this. I'm going to share with you eight fears about intimacy that all men and women go through.

1. Fear of Rejection

Who likes to be vulnerable? No one. Thats why fear of rejection is number one on our lists of fears of being intimate. It is so hard for anyone, male or female, to put themselves out there and risk embarrassment and a feeling of self shame. But heres the thing, everyone goes through it, and everyone feels that same feeling. If you ask someone out, make the first move, be vulnerable, what's the worst that can happen? I haven't heard of anyone dying from embarrassment yet. Just remember you aren't the only one with this fear about intimacy.

Fear of Failure
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