8 Reasons We Think We Want a Bad Boy ...


8 Reasons We Think We Want a Bad Boy ...
8 Reasons We Think We Want a Bad Boy ...

There are many reasons we want bad boys, however not one of them is worth the heartache. Sleeping with a bad boy can be exciting and mysterious but ask any women in a happy, healthy relationship, it was a time in their life they would love to forget. Dating a bad boy has its perks, to be rebellious seems to be the main purpose in a teens existence. Here are 8 reasons why I believe women crave bad boys:

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Anything and everything that leaves a mystery behind can and is naturally desirable. A man that has you constantly on your toes, not knowing what to expect, for some abnormal reason, is unbelievably attractive to most. It’s not until an unexpected break-up concludes to why we ever loved such a man. Mysteriousness is fabulous ladies, but let’s leave it to the Twilight series to ‘swoon’ us over with their sexy bad assmen.



Reasons we want a bad boy… we want to feel alive every minute of every day. What better way with filling it with extreme excitement. Let me tell you this gets old very fast. If the police don’t snap you out of your trance, I sure hope I do. Excitement is only a thrill when it happens sporadically, sorta like eating candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sounds all peachy but come lunch your dreading another Jelly Bean. Let the excitement in your life be unexpected roses on your doorstep, not a police officer at your stoop asking if you know where “your man” is.


Work in Progress

All the motherly ladies out their will know what I mean. The obvious reasons we want bad boys are to “fix” them. Just think, we could be the woman that changes this man into someone nobody ever thought he could be. You know what Dr. Phil, save yourself. Run far far away. Let their mother’s do their job and find a man who will treat you like Ryan Gossling does to Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid Love. Us women all deserve a fairy tale love!


They’re HOT in the Movies

Probably the number one reason behind why women crave bad boys is simply because society portrays them so irresistible. Shall I remind you of Brad Pitt in Fight Club? Or how about Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, or the obvious one, Will Smith in Bad Boys. Any which way you look at it, bad boys are always dreamy. Let’s all blame the movie industry for our heart break and failed relationships. Deal?


Never a Dull Moment

If you’re not running from the law, you’re sneaking out the only window in your house that he can catch you from. What an amazing man right? Keeping you safe and catching you when you fall, where did you snag this keeper? I’ll give it to the ladies sleeping with a bad boy, there is never a dull moment in your lives. Just remember when you’re sneaking out the back door, a wife knows when her husband is sleeping around. If I were you, I’d quit while your ahead, and you still have hair. A cat fight never goes without some hair pulling!


You Rebel You!

Many of us women go through a time in our teens that we want to do nothing more than to irritate and worry our parents. Deep, deep down we don’t mean anything by it, other than trying to be independent and do our own thing with success. I was here, I stayed a while, and then left without ever looking back. Dating a bad boy does sound very rebellious, but do yourselves and your parents a favor and save everyone involved the heartache, you’re better off without the bad boy!


Rebels Confidence

Have you ever met a rebel that looked at the ground as he spoke to you or blushes when he locks eyes with you? Never! A bad boys confidence super attractive. In fact, he probably thinks the world of himself and those around him should consider themselves lucky to be in his presence. Don’t get me wrong I love a confident man, but you can have your cake and eat it too? Make sure he comes with poise but leaves his “god’s gift” baggage at the door.


Masculine & Manly

I truly believe one of the main reasons we want bad boys is simply that they are manly… manly masculine men. Normally… buff, covered in ink, and looking like they want to start the next brawl {if I may be rudely stereotypical}. So if your man spends more of his time in the gym than with you, maybe you should reconsider your Facebook relationship status. I’m just sayin’.

I am certain that these are not the only reasons we want bad boys, but I am sure that they are 8 of our motives. Sleeping with a bad boy can be thrilling and heart pumping, but so is riding a roller coaster. Save yourself the heartache and hit your local circus for your dose of ecstasy. Tell me, what has you craving a bad boy?

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hiiiiiii im new

How about a bad boy and a roller coaster;) Nah, they're both a huge adrenaline rush though. Ya, you pretty much covered all the points, being a rebel, the thrill, the confidence, and the stuff that gets your heart beating an unhealthy amount per minute.

Under number 3, Work in Progress, you say to find someone who treats you like Ryan Gossling treats Emma Stone in Crazy Stupid Love.... Well in the movie Ryan is a "bad boy" and then he falls for her and she makes him different or "fixes" him. And then he treats her great :) But it kinda contradicts this section!

Those are the best kind of guys too, until they turn into being your ex after 7 amazing months.

Just becuz he does bad stuff does not make him a bad boy, becuz some just put it up as a show. Behind the curtains, my bad boy was completley sincere, sweet, and caring.

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