Fun Kissing Games πŸ’‹ to Play for Any Occasion 🎊 ...


Kissing games are a fun way to pass the time, get a deeper connection with your partner and to brush up on your lip locking technique.

They can also pave the way for spicing up your love life – get adventurous with your kissing and who knows what it will lead to.

They can also add some extra excitement if your relationship has been getting a bit stale – a great reminder of what passionate kisses are.

Check out these kissing games:

1. Red Lipstick Kisses

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A red lipstick kiss mark is the quintessential symbol of love and lust, and you can play a fun game where you apply your lipstick and plant as many kisses all over your partner’s body in a minute as you can.

One your minute is up, get him to do the very same and when you have finished, you both count up the marks on your body and winner gets, well, the winner gets whatever they want!

2. Lucky Ticket Kisses

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On little pieces of paper, write down as many different kinds of kisses that you can think off, from French kiss to butterfly kiss to peck on the cheek to hickey!

Put all of these pieces of paper in a jar and one evening you can take it out and have you and your partner pick different kinds of kisses to give to one another.2

It certainly makes a change from watching Netflix!

3. Lick It up!

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You’ll need some chocolate sauce or another kind of edible body treat for this game.

Take turns placing the treat in various places on your body and it’s your partner’s job to kiss and lick until there is nothing left.

The game is simple: the first person to get tired of doing it, has to perform a forfeit (sexual or otherwise!) of the winner’s choosing!

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