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Turn-ons for girls can be anything from a simple touchο»Ώβ€Œ all the way to a run of a hand through our hair. Guys, if you are looking for a way to turn us on, don't worry! I've got the top turn-ons for girls that will help you figure out what your girl wants! Remember, a turn-on isn't hard to figure out, especially if you know what your girlfriend really likes!

1. Playing with Her Hair πŸ‘©

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I love when my Better Half plays with my hair. It's absolutely one of the biggest turn-ons for me and I know that I'm not the only girl like that! If you're looking to turn your girlfriend on, run your fingers through her hair and see how she responds!

Light Touches πŸ‘«


Heather Jensen
Totally! :) Great idea!
Olivia Holt
You should do one for boys!
Heather Jensen
Me too!! :)
May Nantakan
The hair touching is really turn me on. My boyfriend always touch my hair and I can feel his kindness.
Heather Jensen
Ditto! That's a huge turn-on for me! :)
Rachel Hatcher
I love the hair touching! I have never had a boyfriend but I always have loved my hair being moved around.
heylo ladies.... its so good to read this article.... but i do have a small question to ask u .... why is it that every girl looks into my eyes when an another girl passes by?? ( it kinda makes me fee...
I agree! I find it very sensative to see a guy playing with his kids, or someone else's. It's adorable and makes me melt.
I've got to say that toying with my hair and kissing are my two big turn-ons. :)
i agree that i hate having my hair messed up, but if the guy i like touches my hair or plays with it, its definately a turn on.
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