7 Intimacy Tips from Victoria's Secret Models ...


If you want to impress your man, but you're not quite sure where to start, you might as well take some advice from Victoria's Secret models. Believe it or not, they're beloved for more than their gorgeous looks. They actually have some pretty great advice for their fellow females. Here are a few of the best tips from Victoria's Secret models:

1. First Date Tips

Doutzen Kroes suggests that any woman going on a first date should meet the man for lunch. That way, it's not as formal as dinner, and it's easier to escape if the evening goes poorly. Plus, the bill won't be as large. So try to save dinner and a movie for the second date, when you know the guy a little better.

First Kiss Tips


The make up tips fail... She said you should definitely wear some. I disagree.
Very fabulous Victoria's Secret Model Tips
These tips are great for married women!! I still do this after 25 years with my man!!!!
I agree Michelle70501 !
peony blue
I agree totally women should take pride in the way we look esp when going on dates
Could've interviewed me. I would have given pretty much the same advice, except for the 3rd date kiss. I don't see what makes VS models "advice worthy."
Heyy yudi
Yudith Martinez Page
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