7 Reasons He Might Not Be the One for You ...


If you're currently in a relationship but you're having doubts about whether you will go the distance then there might be some questions you could ask about your relationship and your compatibility.

Relationships are hard work and when we get past the exciting stage of butterflies in the tummy and sparks in the bedroom, we need to be left with a little more.

Here are some reasons he might not be the one for you.

1. Different Place in Life

Relationships are about compromise and sometimes, sacrifice.

But maybe you're both at different stages in your life.

Maybe one of you has a stable job whilst the other is studying and not entirely sure where they will be once they have finished their training or studying.3

Being in different places in life doesn't necessarily mean you're at the end of your relationship but you may want to consider whether you have come to a fork in the relationship road and you're going in different directions.

Different Attitudes towards the Future


In my heart i fell like hes the one, in my head i know hes not...we are tooo different and he really does carry so much baggage and drama to the table. Im just confused bc i love him.
How do u know if ur in the shadow of an ex? There should be more explanation being that there are varying situations.
I really liked this article. The whole ex situation is hard to navigate and understand
Exactly why I had to break up with my last guy. Knew it in my gut but my heart said no.
Evelynn Note
I'd just want to add that every relationship comes across these things at a given time. It doesn't mean it's the end right away. Dome thing clear themselves up, but if it is holding on for too long or it is hurting you in any way, then you should indeed end the thing. I know this seems obvious but these lists kind of make it seem like you can follow them to the letter. Know that every situation is different and that sometimes people forget that. I kind of miss this warning in a lot of articles, wich is kinda sad because i feel like a lot of young girl are reading this and it might give them the idea that everything is black and white. But it's not. I still liked the article thiugh, don't get me wrong :) just be carefull because some people take everything to the letter (i know you'll always have people like that, and sadly enough that can be a bad thing)
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