7 Reasons the Single Life Beats Dating ...


If you've recently broken up with your partner, you might feel depressed or alone. But while break ups can be devastating and you'll need time to adjust to single life, there are reasons to welcome the change. The truth is, single life can be awesome. Here are seven reasons why the single life beats dating.

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You Don't Have to Check in

When you're part of a twosome, you typically have to check in with your significant other a couple times a day. Although you don't mind the check ins, it might get exhausting if you're busy with work, school and other obligations. After a breakup, you're no longer required to check in or answer to anyone (other than your folks if you still live at home). If you want to hang out with your coworkers after work and come home a little later, you're free to do so and you don't have to let anyone know.


You Can Concentrate on Your Studies

Although dating can be exciting, it can also be extremely distracting. If you're in high school or college, having a significant other can take a lot of your free time. And the truth is, you might neglect your studies. When you're no longer part of a twosome, you can concentrate more on school; and you never know, your grades might improve.


You Can Spend Time with Your Friends

Some people commit a cardinal sin of friendship – neglecting their friends for a boyfriend or girlfriend. It happens, so don't feel bad. And chances are your friends have also broken this rule. But after breaking up, this is the perfect time to strengthen your old friendships and build new ones. Besides, you're young and have the rest of your life to date.


You Don't Have to Monitor Someone else's Social Activity

While in a relationship, you might feel the need to monitor your significant other's social activity. Maybe you stalk his Twitter or Facebook page to see what he's up to, and to make sure he’s not getting chummy with other females. This is exhausting and stressful. As a single person, you don't have to worry about this.


You Can Explore Hobbies

The same way you might neglect your friends and studies while dating, you might also neglect your personal interests. Your significant other can consume your every waking thought, if you let him or her. Once you're out of a relationship, there's more time to spend on yourself. You can figure out what makes you happy or explore different hobbies.


You Can Learn Independence

If you've been in a relationship for sometime, there's a chance you've lost your independence. If you and your significant other did everything together, you might forget how to go to a party by yourself or entertain yourself. Now that you're single, you can learn to be comfortable alone. And if you weren't independent before, this is an excellent time to learn how to stand on your own two feet.


You Can Get to Know Other People

If you're no longer in a relationship, this is also an opportunity to get to know others guys. This doesn't suggest being a player and dating multiple guys at one time. But if you're ready to commit and get into a serious relationship, you can go on a couple dates to find the right guy.

Relationships are fun and it's nice having a best friend by your side. But it's not the end of the world if the relationship ends. You'll have a lot of extra free time on your hands, so make the best of it. What are other reasons to love the single life?

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I do all these things and have been with my other half for 5 years

It's great not having to explain yourself to someone 👍


Agreed Dottie!!!!

@Ruby M ~ you said it beautifully! Some people love being single, some don't.


I love that

And you can stay in the bathroom as long as you like without someone banging on the door !

yes @dottieruth .. spot on !!!

A committed relationship doesn't restrict you from any of these things. The difference is, now, I can do them all and still know I'm loved by someone, and that's better than anything being single can provide.

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