7 Reasons Why You Should Never Go Back to Your Ex-Boyfriend ...


Trying to remember all of the reasons to never go back to an ex can be hard. But, sometimes after a couple of cocktails or a particularly sad romantic movie, you find yourself sitting there wondering if could be different this time around? Well, press stop on that DVD and sit down, while I give you seven reasons to never go back to an ex.

1. He Was a Cheater

That is by far one of the most important reasons to never go back to an ex. But, just in case you need some reinforcement, I’ll give you some more - once a cheater, always a cheater. Chances are he’s already moved onto another girl (or, two) and is cheating on her for all of the same reasons why he cheated on you. A cheating boyfriend will only become a cheating husband.

He Called You up and Misses You


Melessa Smith
I find other things to do with my time so I don't think off him at all cause god knows that was the worst relationship I ever been in but out of that disaster came my son.
Lillian Blue
Sounds like me 😒
@Simone I think it's a bad idea you're off your birth control. It seems like you two broke up because of stress. How stressed will you two be if there's a baby on the way?
There will always be those unrecovered feelings for the men who "had" a relationship with you for more than a month. It happens, we've all been there. Nevertheless, there should be self-control and se...
I didn't do anything wrong and my boyfriend didn't so anything wrong, I think I just needed break and I was really stressed out about a lot of things in my life when I first broke up with him. And aft...
Perfect timing!! This popped up just as I'm sat here thinking about the guy I finished with yesterday...because he was playing the "round the bend" game! Thank you for helping me refocus in why I walked away!
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