7 Signs You Are Bisexual for Girls Who Keep Getting Girl Crushes ...


Having a crush on a member of the same sex can be confusing. Maybe it’s just because the object of your crush has the qualities you want for yourself, or the characteristics you most admire. On the other hand, it may be sexual attraction, not just a crush and it happens often enough for you to ask yourself questions. Am I a lesbian, am I bisexual? How do I know?

1. You Have a Strong Gut Feeling

One of the key signs you are bisexual is to follow your gut and simply accept that your feelings for girls are equally real to the feelings that up to this point, you have only thought you felt for guys. Your instincts are the things that you should trust when it comes to working out life changes and choices like this. Nobody else is going to be able to tell you one way or another. The only person that truly knows what your feelings are for either sex is you, and only you!

It’s a Deep Attraction Not Just a Passing Fantasy


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