Warning Signs 🚨 You've Been Zombied ☠️ for Girls Who Realize πŸ’‘ Something's Not πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ Right ...

The signs you’ve been zombied are quite obvious when you know what to look for. So, what is being zombied in dating? They ghost you, you get over them - then they come back from the dead. Just when you thought you were navigating your way successfully through the dating waters, that guy who ghosted you is back and trying to rekindle your relationship. It causes all those emotions you thought were dead and buried to resurface and unnerve you. You need to know if you are being taken for a ride by a guy who is empty inside. Here are the signs you have been zombied:

1. He’s Been Gone for Ages and Now He’s Back

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You had a real spark and spent a few days/weeks or even months texting and flirting, and then he completely disappeared communication wise. Now he’s back and acting like he was never away. It’s more than likely that he ignored you to pursue another girl and is only back because she cut things off. Don’t fall for it! This is one of the first signs you’ve been zombie.

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