Warning Signs You've Been Zombied for Girls Who Realize Something's Not Right ...


Warning Signs You've Been Zombied for Girls Who Realize Something's Not Right ...
Warning Signs You've Been Zombied for Girls Who Realize Something's Not Right ...

The signs you’ve been zombied are quite obvious when you know what to look for. So, what is being zombied in dating? They ghost you, you get over them - then they come back from the dead. Just when you thought you were navigating your way successfully through the dating waters, that guy who ghosted you is back and trying to rekindle your relationship. It causes all those emotions you thought were dead and buried to resurface and unnerve you. You need to know if you are being taken for a ride by a guy who is empty inside. Here are the signs you have been zombied:

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He’s Been Gone for Ages and Now He’s Back

human hair color, blond, nose, girl, mouth, You had a real spark and spent a few days/weeks or even months texting and flirting, and then he completely disappeared communication wise. Now he’s back and acting like he was never away. It’s more than likely that he ignored you to pursue another girl and is only back because she cut things off. Don’t fall for it! This is one of the first signs you’ve been zombie.


It Was All Too Much Too Quick and He Couldn’t/Didn’t Want to Handle It

black hair, girl, So things go really heavy really fast with this guy and then he seemed to lose interest and move on. If it’s been a while and now he’s back with the same type of intensity, then it might be that he’s only interested in those exciting first few steps of a relationship.


He Never Introduced You as His Girlfriend or Made Things Official

fashion model, headgear, fur, fashion, fur clothing, If he never told his friends about you and never involved you in any of his social media, then it’s pretty likely that he was just looking for a fun time with someone who he could completely cut out after getting what he wanted.


He Keeps You Hoping with Sporadic and Random Communication

, He has basically cut you out, but every now and then sends you a sweet text or offers a small date in order to keep you interested. He’s just stringing you along to keep you in the picture in case he gets bored one day and reaches out.


He Pretends Nothing is Wrong and is Using You as a Fall Back Option

human hair color, girl, brown hair, long hair, You can’t help but notice that his communication has stopped, but when you finally call him out on it he acts as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened. He’s basically ghosting you but keeping the door slightly open in case he wants to get back in touch.


He’s Self Obsessed and Likes to Feel He Holds the Strings

girl, darkness, black hair, long hair, computer wallpaper, A guy who likes to zombie girls is usually really self-obsessed, he doesn’t care about the feelings of others and is only concerned with things that are going to make him feel good in the moment, and that includes stringing you along for his own satisfaction.


He Wants a Second Chance but Doesn’t Make the Effort to Show He Deserves It

face, girl, mouth, black hair, screenshot, It takes more than just saying you want a second chance to deserve one. If all he’s doing is talking without making any real effort to win you back, then he’s a classic zombie. A guy needs to do more than just say that right things; he actually needs to do them!


He’s Too Charming and This Disarms His Victims

hair, human hair color, blond, beauty, hairstyle, All zombie guys know that they can get away with their behavior with most girls because they are aware of just how charming they are. Don’t be fooled by his game, if he’s not treating you with respect, then say goodbye!


He Makes You Feel Empty but Feeds You Enough Crumbs to Confuse You

singer, song, girl, music artist, string instrument, If you are left feeling romantically empty despite his charming gestures, then it’s probably your sixth sense picking up on the fact that he isn’t genuine, and is just doing these seemingly sweet things to keep you in the picture.


He Feels Shady and You Can’t Quite Put Your Finger on Why

girl, black hair, photo caption, television program, brown hair, Even if he is acting super sweet in the moment, there is always going to be an edge of shadiness to him because zombies never change their true colors! If ghosting/zombieing is his nature, then subconsciously he’ll always be looking for ways to let you down.


He Returns in an Unromantic Way and Doesn’t Seem Genuinely Committed to the Idea of “You Two”

hair, blond, human hair color, girl, hairstyle, You won’t hear from him in months and then all of a sudden, he will like a few FB posts or Insta pics. This isn’t the classiest way to get back in touch, is it? Rather than sending a private text or making a call, he does it in a public environment to take any intimacy out of it.

Modern dating is a minefield and to be successful we need to recognize the signs of being zombie, ghosted, breadcrumbed and benched. Have you experienced any of these?

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