Tasteful, Not Trashy: These Are the Shots You'll Want for Your Next Boudoir Shoot!


Whether you're looking for a few ideas for a spank-bank book for your guy, or you just want to do a sexy shoot for yourself, these tastefully-done shots can provide all the inspiration you need.

1. In the Window

Via Dary
In the Eyes


These are amazing! Stunning, sexy, and classy as opposed to trashy! They're very far from trashy, and I LOVE that there were some curvy girls thrown in there too(not just the skinny twigs that Hollywo...
I agree, why would you even open this article up to read? As in what were you expecting? They were so much more tasteful and beautiful than I expected and neither one you pointed out makes any sense of the definition of "trashy".
@rhiannon exactly!! the word trashy itself is just awful. What are you trying to say here? What makes something "trashy"???
I'm sorry but why would you use such a derogatory word to describe these beautiful women? Don't bring others down with words like "trashy".
Sapna Pathak
Sexy sensuous superb all of them
#'s 3&28; look trashy to me #opinion
Yes. The black and white look more classy.
I think the black and white ones look the best
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