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7 Things You Need to Bring along for a Romantic Weekend Away ...

By Alicia

Are you planning on having a romantic weekend away soon? This is on my calendar in the upcoming months and I can’t wait! Let me tell you the essentials that you should consider bringing along with you. They will help to make sure you have a wonderful romantic weekend away.

1 Lingerie

Okay, ladies. You have to pack some pretty lingerie for your romantic weekend away. And don’t stop with the lingerie you are going to wear at night, either. Pick up some pretty bra and panty sets for during the day. Not only will it up the romance factor but you will love how attractive it makes you feel.

2 Some Romantic Music

What is a romantic weekend away without some romantic music? This needs to make the list of what you must pack. You can take it in whatever form of technology you feel most comfortable with. Choose some favorite love songs. Don’t forget to add in the songs that are most special to your relationship, too.

3 Your Partner’s Favorite Perfume

Part of being attractive is smelling lovely. It can definitely up the romance factor between you and your partner which is exactly what you are going for. Be sure to pack your partner’s favorite perfume for your weekend away. If you really want to up the power of your fragrance, try layering it. Use body wash and lotion in your favorite fragrance, too.

4 Candles

Candles are a must for a romantic weekend away. They just light the mood, so to speak. Be sure to pack a lighter and matches, too, or your candles won’t do you any good and you will be sad. It is also a good idea to pack a candle plate for your candle to set on so there is no mess to clean up later. Be sure and pack the candles wrapped in plastic so the wax does not come off on your clothing.

5 Massage Oil

Massage oil is a nice little item to have along for a romantic weekend away. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice massage? It is relaxing and helps you feel as if the cares and stresses of your life are just melting away. If you don’t have any massage oil on hand, lotion or body butter can be a nice substitute. Even bath oil can work in a pinch.

6 Movies

Does this seem like a strange thing to bring along? Sometimes you just don’t want to leave your room. You are going away to get away from people and focus solely on each other. Why not bring a stack of movies you have been dying to watch while you are enjoying being off by yourselves? It is a very restful activity and a great excuse to cuddle up together.

7 Snacks

Snacks are useful for the same reason movies are. Sometimes you just want to stay in. Even if you go out for dinner, you may want to just hang out in your room the rest of the day. Be sure to bring your favorite drinks along, too. There is nothing worse than having to leave the cozy haven of your room to fetch bottled water or sodas.

These 7 things can help you to have a better romantic weekend away. What do you pack to make sure you have a lovely romantic weekend away? We can inspire each other here.

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